When it comes to apartment moves, certain logistics can be very challenging for example stair access or elevator and parking availability, weather and moving times.

Door 2 Door Movers' ability to work within time limitations is the reason many apartment complexes recommend and use Door 2 Door as their preferred movers.

Residential Home Movers, Moving in the Durham Region and Beyond

Door to Door Movers
Durham Region's Favorite Moving Company

Free Estimates
Door 2 Door Movers offers a free, no obligation estimate.  In the event that you would like a moving company representative to visit your residence, all it takes is one phone call.

Tips from Moving CompanyChecklist: Getting Ready to Move! 
Tips to prepare for your move.  Helping you every step of the way.  Click here to view Door 2 Door Movers' helpful advice.

Door 2 Door Movers offers a full line of home moving and home packing services.  A commitment to move you and your prized possessions, in a safe and timely fashion, is their goal at Door 2 Door Movers.

Internal Moves
Whether it is to move one item of furniture to a basement, or to move an entire apartment units’ content to another apartment unit, call Door 2 Door Movers when moving and don’t risk getting hurt.

Need some professional movers to load or unload that pod? Call Door 2 Door Movers.

Discreet/Confidential Moves
We can handle all discreet moves with the professionalism you would expect, we will help in assisting you as best as possible.

Pack Jobs
As mentioned Door 2 Door Moving offers a full pack or partial pack depending on your needs.

Senior Moves
When it comes to seniors, Door 2 Door Moving offer expertise help. Many seniors need to be moved quickly and efficiently and in many cases in a customized style. This is why we offer specific professional services to seniors.

Load and Unload Services
Moving a distance and thinking of renting a truck? Door 2 Door Movers can help safely loading your belongings onto a rental truck or conversely unload your belonging at your new residence.

House, Apartment, Condo Moves
Door 2 Door Movers' dedication is to move you and your possessions to your new home using polite, trained staff with the current tools.  All trucks are exceptionally clean, have 2×4 wheel dollies, thick moving pads, shrink wrap for extra protection, tape and elastic mount bands.