Oops; A Nightmare of Booking a Different Moving Company 
“I booked [a different moving company] about two months in advance for 11:00AM in case there was a delay getting the keys from my lawyer to my new property.  I had confirmed and received a confirmation number for the appointment – one truck and two movers.  

On the moving day as of 11:10AM I starting calling the Metropolitan Movers' office to find out where my movers were… office staff said she would contact the coordinator and ask him to call me in five minutes…. thirty or forty minutes later – no call - so I called the office again and then they gave me two numbers for my move coordinator “Ron” to speak with regarding the movers eta and location.  One of the numbers wasn’t working and got Ron on the other who after I questioned why no one called or showed up was yelled at told I had a bad attitude and that if the guys were tired, legally they don’t even have to show up!  Ron never called me back as he said he would in five minutes after he spoke to his movers – so I called him again at which point he gave me the drivers cell number to call directly.  Called them and they were on their way from down town Toronto (this was probably around 1:30PM) I was told they were just finishing a job in Whitby (close to me) and would be to me as soon as they finished… the driver had a totally different story – he was on a job in Scarborough and apparently went to Toronto (where he says he lives) and was now on his way ... well hours pass, still no movers, called the driver again they were now at some totally different address to do a job and thought it was me?! Same thing after that job, I kept giving him my address and he kept telling me fifteen minutes till they are there – dispatch then sent them to yet another address (not mine) and told them they were to complete it prior to coming to do my move… this went on until about 8:30pm at night when all of my belongings had to be put out on the lawn and driveway so the new owner of my place could move in.  They wanted to come and do my move at 9pm – only a mere ten hours late!!!!  I said to the driver and his partner to get a new job – Metropolitan Movers are greedy scammers running an unethical business!

Every moving company I called after my run in with “Ron the coordinator” that morning were booked of course – but all inquired who had left me stranded, the response was always the same that Metropolitan Movers have the worst reputation for doing this to people all the time!

I did find another mover even though all of their trucks were booked and thier men busy.  They were willing to do whatever they could to help me out….thank goodness for them! They even called ME to see how things were going if my movers showed up or not several times throughout the day! Tell all of your friends that need a mover Door 2 Door Moving company is the best! – honest, friendly and very accommodating!! They showed up with four men and a truck rented from another company because all of their trucks were being used….just to help me out!!! They had me loaded up and moved in approximately three hours – amazing!

The guys work hard and are very careful, I will recommend them to everyone.  After my job was done at midnight Door to Door were on their way to save yet another damsel in distress left out on a lawn under the same circumstances (probably by Metropolitan Movers!)” ~ T. Sterling